Indian Railway Revolution 2023: Confirmed Tickets for Every Passenger Starting 2027 – Unveiling the Game-Changing Scheme!

Indian Railway Revolution 2023: During festive seasons, railway stations become bustling hubs, causing distress among passengers due to the lack of confirmed tickets. Recognizing this challenge, Indian Railways has introduced a new scheme aimed at relieving passengers from the inconvenience of unconfirmed tickets. Let’s delve into the details of this innovative plan.

Indian Railway Revolution 2023: Confirmed Tickets for Every Passenger Starting 2027 – Unveiling the Game-Changing Scheme!

Indian Railways’ New Initiative

In response to the passengers’ predicament, Indian Railways has made a crucial decision to implement a scheme ensuring every traveler gets a confirmed ticket. With expansive plans underway, including the addition of new trains daily, this initiative aims to address the current issues faced by passengers.

Benefits of the New Plan: Indian Railway

Recent events, such as the Diwali and Chhath Puja rush, highlighted the overwhelming crowds at railway stations, leading to tragic incidents. In light of these occurrences, Indian Railways has taken the initiative to enhance the rail network. The plan includes laying new tracks annually, expanding the network by 4 to 5 thousand kilometers each year. With a goal of increasing the daily train count from 10,748 to 13,000, approximately 3,000 new trains are expected to operate on the tracks within 3-4 years.

Ensuring Every Passenger Gets a Confirmed Ticket

The new scheme involves laying new tracks every year, contributing to the expansion of the railway network. Currently, around 800 million passengers travel by train annually, and this number is expected to rise to 1 billion in the near future. Additionally, efforts are being made to reduce the time spent on railway journeys by increasing the number of tracks, enhancing speed, and optimizing other aspects.

Enhancing Train Speeds

To achieve higher speeds, it is essential to increase acceleration and deceleration, minimizing the time trains take to stop and gain momentum. Studies suggest that by enhancing acceleration and deceleration, a journey from Delhi to Kolkata could be shortened by two hours and twenty minutes. Technologies like push and pull assist in acceleration and deceleration. Presently, approximately 225 trains using push-pull technology are manufactured each year, with flagship trains like Vande Bharat exhibiting four times the acceleration and deceleration capacity compared to current trains.

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